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handball-bundesliga-zu-und-abgänge,JC Pardo & Sons, 100 gallon, 316 stainless steel, jacketed, scrape surface kettle. Vessel dimensions: 36" inside Diameter x 36" in Depth, MAWP: 40 psi @ 287° F. Equipped with bridge mounted scrape surface agitator with dual top covers and hydraulic tilt. CIP spray ball, (3) 7/8" ID threaded jacket in/outlets, (2) 2-1/2" OD sanitary ports, 2-1/2" sanitary center botom discharge with butterfly valve, 18" ground clearance. Additionally features control panel with start/stop/tilt controls. National Board: 1587

utep-basketball-news-rumors,OAD: 48" L x 60" W x 78" H

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volleyball-rebound-net,J C Pardo & Sons, 100 gallon, jacketed 316 stainless steel mixing kettle. Mixing bowl has a 36" diameter with a 16" straight wall and hemispherical bottom. Equipped with dual flip top covers, bridge mounted 1/2 Hp scrape agitation. Bridge has (1) 2"OD/1"ID sanitary fitting for CIP spray ball. Full jacket rated MAWP of 40psi @ 287 degrees F with (3) 1" threaded inlet / outlet ports. Bottom has (1) 2.5"OD/1.75"ID sanitary center bottom discharge and (1) 2"ID six bolt flange with 1.5" centers. 18" ground clearance and mounted on (4) stainless steel legs.

pak-score,OAD: 45" L x 45" W x 71" H

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cat-4-highest-score,J C Pardo, 200 gallon capacity, 316 stainless steel jacketed kettle. Vessel dimensions: 46" diameter x 40" deep with 18" straight wall. Equipped with flip up covers, pressure sensor and 6" wide baffle. 3 Hp side mounted slant scrape agitator with 3½" OD / 3" ID tri-clamp style bottom discharge and 16½" ground clearance.

Top Ports:
(1) 6" open vent
(1) 2½" open vent

Jacket Ports:
(4) 1¼" NPT
(1) 1" NPT

MAWP: 100 PSI @ 338°F
MDMT: -20°F @ 100 PSI
Nat’l Brd: 2498

basketball-jersey-website,OAD: 72"L x 60"W x 87"H

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big-data-analysis-soccer,J.C. Pardo & Sons, 700 gallon, 304 stainless steel double motion jacketed kettle. Vessel dimensions: 66" Diameter; 23" Straight Wall. Jacket rating: 110PSI @ 344°F. Open top unit is equipped with a bridge mounted 12 paddle christmas tree inner agitation powered by a 7½ HP drive and outer sweep agitation powered by a 10 HP drive. One 2½"OD / 1¾"ID tri-clamp style access fitting on straight wall, two 2" threaded and two ¼" threaded jacket ports, temperature probe and one 2"ID inner liquid injection ring with a 6"OD/2"ID four bolt flange inlet fitting. One 11"OD/6"ID eight bolt flange center bottom discharge with 18" ground clearance. Mounted on a stainless steel base with legs.

Nat’l Brd: 2169,men's-college-volleyball-ranking

sam-curran,OAD: 90"L x 70"W x 133"H

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