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Our Engineering, technical and support team is extremely experienced and can definitely help you in your Candy and Confectionery equipment search.,rummycircle-register

Candy or confectionery machinery, equipment refers to various types of equipment that can be used in the production of hard candy and chocolate candy products. Candy making equipment encompasses machinery to process the sugar or chocolate and turn it into a usable form; equipment to properly mix, heat, cool, and temper a raw mass of sugar or chocolate.,epl.results

New or used confectionery machinery for the forming, cutting, extruding, chocolate coating (enrobing), depositing, and sizing is also included in this category. We have chocolate mixing tanks, batch rollers for forming candy into a rope, chocolate coating machines (enrobers), cooling drums and cooling wheels for cooling and hardening chocolate and candy, depositors, guillotine knives for cutting continuous streams of product, licorice extruders, product rope sizers, chocolate tempering tanks, amongst the candy equipment in stock.,4-under-par

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Baker Perkins, 36" wide depositor with number and pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Stainless steel contact parts. Equipped with 36" wide x 95" long neophreme product conveyor in line depositing section with (66) depositing heads and pistons (change part per application) with ¼" OD depositing nozzles. Remote control panel has an AB PLC with AB touch screen HMI. Mounted on heavy duty frame.,canadian-sportsbooks

judi-roulette-online-asia,OAD: 95" L x 84" W x 98" H

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  • Manufacturer: McCarter
  • Model Number: 50,000 LBS
  • Frain Number: 5H8522

McCarter, 50,000 lb, horizontal, carbon steel, low pressure, ½ jacketed, chocolate melting and mixing vessel with pounds of product per hour – depending on materails and application. Inner chamber dimensions of: 213" in Length; 70" in Width; 88" in Depth. Equipped with enclosed top, 18" x 18" man way with lift off cover, paddle style mixer has 4" OD motor shaft with 10 Hp motor drive, thermometer, level sensor and 14" OD 8-bolt flange center bottom discharge with 8" ground clearance. Mounted on heavy duty frame. ,daily-millions-betfred-results

Access Fittings:
(2) 6" Open Vents
(1) 3" NPT
(2) 2" NPT

(2) 2" NPT
(4) 1½" NPT

bet-on-volleyball-game,OAD: 226" L x 76" W x 102" H

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  • Manufacturer: Morcos
  • Model Number: AWK 1000/SK 220
  • Frain Number: R33991

Morcos stainless steel skid mounted melt tank, tempering system with self contained heating system.,cricket-betting-sites-in-andhra-pradesh

Model AWK 1000, 2200 lb, stainless steel , jacketed, self contained chocolate melt tank, with pounds of product per hour – depending on materails and application. Full jacket, with self contained heater with side and top tempature probes and side tempature gauge. Dish bottom has flanged center bottom discharge. Mounted on (4) stainless steel legs. ,cricket-mazza-live-line-app-download

Morcos Model SK 220, stainless steel, cylindrical construction with double jacketed, multi-sectional (tempering plates) with capacities up to 200 kg per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with (2) heating sections, (3) cooling sections and (2) re-heating sections. Main drive SEW geared motor drive with frequency inverter and (2) independent water heat exchangers with circulators and (1) independent heating system. Chocolate arrives to the machine from underneath forced by a built in chocolate pump fed from the buffer tank through the JK pipes, chocolate is then cooled down gradually through the different sections and finally slightly re-heated through the last 2 sections and then leaves the tempering machine totally tempered and the transfer of the chocolate from underneath towards the top is assisted by the motion of hollow spirals scraping the chocolate from sides, bottom and top ensuring a continuous mixing during all the procedure. Has a touch screen with tempering program to control the system.,online-games-soccer-world-cup

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  • Manufacturer: Morcos
  • Model Number: COVER620PR
  • Frain Number: R33994

Morcos Model 620 PR, 24" wide, stainless steel chocolate enrober with pounds and number of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped stainless steel wire mesh product conveyor belt thru the enrober, with star pump, stainless steel product tank, chocolate reservoir, pressure pipe circulation and feed system that also feeds bottom section with separate pipe which enables total control of the bottom wave and blowers adjustments for volume or speed of air and angle of flow. vibration system, scavenging roller with scraper to adjust bottom thickness and remove excess chocolate. Control panel has touch pad controller with readout and room heat and water temperature controllers, belt and stirrer on / off, chocolate pump, forward and reverse switches, with start, stop and e-stop push buttons. Mounted on heavy duty base frame with height adjustable legs. ,la-liga-soccer-analysis

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  • Manufacturer: Blommer
  • Model Number: 7,500 LB
  • Frain Number: R32971

Blommer 7,500 lb capacity, vertical, carbon steel, low pressure water jacketed, chocolate melting and mixing vessel. Inner chamber dimmensions: 72" ID x 48" straight wall. Equipped with flat top, dual flip top covers and bridge mounted sweep agitation, 5 Hp drive, with safety guarding and 4" OD shaft with side scrape paddles. Full low pressure water jacket rated to 5psi with interior baffles to direct the water flow through out the jacket, (4) 2" OD side and (2) 1-1/2" OD bottom threaded jacket in / outlets. Dish bottom has 5-1/2" OD threaded center bottom discharge with 12" floor clearance and mounted on (4) legs.,unibet-casino-app-download

formula-1-app,OAD: 88" L x 82" W x 90" H

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  • Model Number:
  • Frain Number: 5E9940

basketball-net-for-behind-hoop,72" Diameter, variable speed, mesh table top and discharge height of 36". Mounted on casters

cricket-betting-rate-today,OAD: 90"L x 74"W x 40"H

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  • Manufacturer: Sollich
  • Model Number: TS1800
  • Frain Number: 5E2099

Sollich Model TS1800 continuous flow, top and bottom enrober designed for use with outboard chocolate tempering systems suitable for full, half or bottom-coating of pralines, bars, pastries, etc with belt speeds rated from 12 to 36 ft per minute with number and pounds of product – dependeing on materials, application and type chocolate being run.
All stainless steel contact parts. Enrobber: Has 1800mm (72") belt width with no restrictions on rate at which chocolate is used due to tempering blower operating within a tolerance of only +/-1% over entire width of the machine, and has adjustments for chocolate and jacket temperature, band tension and speed, bottom bath depth, and shaker speed.

all-stars-cricket-fulbourn,Tunnel: Sollich Model LK Thermoflow air cooling tunnels approx 100′ long x 72" wide Modular design polyurethane construction with lift up hoods that require no tooling or seals and maintains constant tempatures from entrance to exit with air cooling from above and below with heat exchangers, roller drive and conveyor tentioners. Mounted on multi leg base frame.


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  • Manufacturer: Racine
  • Model Number: 104
  • Frain Number: 5H5930

Racine Model 104, 2 x 9 nozzle hot fill depositor with lbs of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 14" long x 15" wide x 14" deep stainless steel jacketed and agitated hopper, 2 x 9 nozzle configuration hot fill depositor head, self contained 2.5 Kw heating and pump system, (2) 72" long x ½" wide tray conveyor chains. Push button start / stop and temperature control dial. Mounted on base frame with locking casters. ,volleyball-australia-national-tour

basketball-uniform-mockup,OAD: 80" L x 48" W x 68" H

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Woody, 24" wide pattern decorator stringer. Equipeed with (2) 2"OD / ½"ID tri-clamp supply fittings, 24" wide applicator and touch screen HMI.
Mounted on (4) leg height adjustable frame with safety guarding.

OAD: 48"L x 36"W x 70"H,norway-fc

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  • Manufacturer: Sollich
  • Model Number: UT 429
  • Frain Number: 5H6331

Sollich, Model UT420, 16" wide chocolate enrober with 16" wide x 44" long mesh conveyor, top or top and bottom enrobing chamber. Integral tempering with refrigeration compressor. Equipped with self contained positive displacement pump, 16" diameter x 12" deep heated reservoir with (3) rotary scrapers, cascade style enrobing pan, and excess chocolate blower. Control panel with start / stop buttons, digital temperature control, and variable speed dials. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.,andar-bahar-card-tricks

OAD: 48"L x 40"W x 64"H ,basketball-olympics-gold

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  • Manufacturer: SeMMco
  • Model Number: MM60/LD280
  • Frain Number: 5H6540

SeMMco, 304 stainless steel, chocolate enrobing and cooling tunnel line rated from 6.6 to 32.8 feet per minute with number of product – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Line consists of SeMMco Model MM60 chocolate enrober with 60 Kg or 132 Lbs of capacity and has 12" wide x 50" long stainless steel wire mesh product belt conveyor thru the enrober and product pump. Control panel and variable speed controller, temperature, heater, batch and motor controllers, with VFD and e-stop.
SeMMco Model LD280, (4) section 246" long total cooling tunnel with 19" wide x 3-1/2" high aperature, 12" wide neoprene belt thru the tunnel, self contained chiller with temperatures from 35.6 to 50 Deg F. Control panel has defrosting temperature, refrigeraton and frequency start, stop controls with VFD. Mounted on stainless steel frames.

OAD: 296" L x 36" W x 64" H ,free-cricket-betting-tips-rocky-singh

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Savage Brothers / WC Smith and Jaf Inox complete chocolate enrobing and cooling tunnel line with number of product per hour – depending on materials, application, environment and machine configuration. Line consists of Savage / WC Smith chocolate enrober with 16" wide x 48" long neoprene product in feed conveyor, 16" wide x 48" long stainless steel wire mesh belt thru enrober, water jacketed pump with variable speed drive, adjustable (2) curtain chocolate flow pan, bottom roller with adjustable pool and on / off switch, 9 gallon product tank, variable speed blower and product shaker, exit detailer with adjustable position, speed and temperature controls, water jacketed chocolate reservoir with heaters and agitator, and has onboard tempering capabilities. optical level sensor for incoming chocolate. PLC touch screen controls and status light bar.,10cric-bonus

volleyball-match-highlights,Jaf Inox, stainless steel, air cooled, cooling tunnel. Temperatures and number of product per hour – depending on materials, application, environment and machine configuration. Equipped with 25" wide x 7" high aperture, 400" long cooling chamber with 24" wide x 450" long Neoprene conveyor belt and Mecalor Model MSA-9-RI-220/C, 30 liter compact chiller. Control panel with an AB touch screen HMI.

OAD: 108"L x 41"W x 77"H (Enrober)
OAD: 450"L x 53"W x 70"H (Cooling Tunnel)

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